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Lobster Mofongo

Created with Lobster, Plantain & Garlic

Steak in Onions

Sautéed Onions over a Grilled Steak and Avocado

Red Snapper

Red Snapper with Green Fried Plantains

Fish Fillet

Fish Fillet with Sautéed Vegetables and Sweet Plantains

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Biscocho GRATIS en tu Cumpleanos

Reserva tu Combo Ahora Mismo!
Y Trae Tu Propia Decoracion
Haz Click en el flyer para ampliar e imprimirlo.

Viernes de Merengues Clasicos en La Casa del Mofongo Maryland

COMBO#1- Biscocho ½ libra gratis.
2 Cubetazos
2 Picaderas
1 Botella, Black Label o Chivas. 750ml. 12 Años.
Precio Regular: $170.00. Precio Especial: $150.00.

COMBO#2- Biscocho 1 libra gratis.
3 Cubetazos
3 Picaderas
2 Botellas, Black Label o Chivas. 750ml. 12 Años.
Precio Regular: 285.00. Precio Especial: $250.00

COMBO#3- Biscocho 1 libra gratis
5 Cubetazos
5 Picaderas
3 Botellas Black Label o Chivas. 750ml. 12 Años.
Precio Regular: $475.00. Precio Especial: $425.00

Solo valido 1 combo por cumpleanos. No incluye decoracion. No se permiten sustituciones entre los productos u articulos promocionados en los combos.

Articulos, productos, comidas o bebidas adicionales estaran disponibles a precio regular.

La Casa del Mofongo is happy to announce that any party reservations of 20 guests or more will receive a FREE 1 Pound Cake. Please call us in advance to make your reservations at 240-863-3750

A Bit of Mofongo History

The Mofongo has become a staple in the Dominican and Puertorrican kitchens. Although it's been said that this delicious dish originated in Puerto Rico, most agree that it was brought by the african slaves to the Caribbean; the dish which Mofongo derived from was a Ghananian dish called Fufu. We at La Casa del Mofongo, specialize in this delicious treat, sure to please the most selective palates

We at our family restaurant, La Casa del Mofongo, focus on providing our guests with the best our Caribbean and Latin kitchen has to offer. You will be delighted with our variety of dishes and unbelievable service. Conveniently located on Georgia Avenue, in the heart of Silver Spring, Maryland. Thank you for stopping by!

Thank you for choosing La Casa del Mofongo!

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