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All Specials Include:
Rice, Beans, House Salad and a Free Soda
Monday – Friday: 11am – 3pm

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Lobster Mofongo

Created with Lobster, Plantain & Garlic

Steak in Onions

Sautéed Onions over a Grilled Steak and Avocado

Red Snapper

Red Snapper with Green Fried Plantains

Fish Fillet

Fish Fillet with Sautéed Vegetables and Sweet Plantains

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Lunch Specials

All Specials Include:
Rice, Beans and Free Soda
11am – 3pm (Monday – Friday)

Pollo Guisado / Chicken Stew   $6.99
Pollo Frito / Fried Chicken   $6.99
Costilla de Cerdo / Pork Ribs   $6.99
Locrio de Cerdo / Pork & Rice    $6.99
Chuleta Guisada / Pork Chop Stew   $6.99
Higado Guisado / Liver Stew   $6.99
Bacalao / Salt Fish   $6.99
Albóndigas / Meatballs   $6.99
Chivo Guisado / Goat Stew   $10.99
Rabo / Ox Tail   $10.99
Carne Guisada / Beef Stew $10.99


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